List of champions

Year Chigorin Chess Club e2-e4!
2005 George Kim
2008 Eduard Epstein
2010 Stanislav Kriventsov John Vaganov
2011 Maxim Doroshenko Daniil Kozlovskiy
2012 Maxim Doroshenko Mary Larkin
2013 Pavel Trochtchanovitch Nikita Olechko
2014 Valeria Gansvind Mary Larkin
2015 Alisher Sanetullaev Mary Larkin
2016 Grigoriy Morozov Mary Larkin
2017 Roman Jiganchine Inna Rabinovich
2018 Valeria Gansvind Inna Rabinovich
2019 Grigoriy Morozov Matthew Kofmansky
2020 Grigoriy Morozov Matthew Kofmansky
2021 Grigoriy Morozov Matthew Kofmansky
2022 Roman Jiganchine Codrin Pompas
2023 Roman Jiganchine Codrin Pompas
2024 George Kim June 22nd

Chigorin Chess Club

Chigorin Chess Club was established in Vancouver in 2010. Weelky meetings for fans of the royal game were held until 2016. Club was open for players of all ages and levels. Due to moving to a new location the Chess Club is temporary closed.

The club offers free to all lovers of the royal game to meet old and new friends over a game of chess, checkers, go, bughouse chess...

Everything you need: chess sets, chess clock, score sheets - free of charge.
And we have Russian chess cookies for everyone!

Information about future and past tournaments, matches and friendlies games for the club on Facebook and on web-site

Chigorin Chess Club holds Russian Vancouver Championship and Russian Scholastic Championship annually.